Proper Storage

The conditions in which a bottle of wine is kept can have a huge impact on the quality of the wine when you finally come to drink it.

When you get your wine home store it upright for the first 2 to 5 days in the location where intend to store it. After that, turn your wine on its side to keep the cork moist. The cork must always be in contact with the wine in order for it to expand and thus create a seal so as not allow air into the bottle. If not, you will lose your wine to oxidation.

Store your wine in a cooler, dark place, 55-65F is ideal slightly higher or lower will not hurt but, Consistency is Critical! Fluctuation in temperature causes the wine to expand and contract in the bottle. This movement will actually move the cork back and forth thus breaking the seal and allowing a tiny bit air to enter… this can have serious consequences to your wine.

Best Aging Conditions

Most, but not all wines will benefit or improve with some aging…reds more so than whites. Cooler temperatures allow the wine age slowly, increasing the complexity and character of the wine whereas wine stored at higher temperatures accelerates the aging process, causing it to lose out on the subtle changes that happen when it ages slowly.

  • Humidity levels are also important, high levels can promote the growth of mold, and lower levels can cause the wine to evaporate.
  • Wine should be stored in a dark space. Light can cause the chemicals inside the wine to breakdown and react with one another.
  • Do not constantly turn your wine. This will mix the ‘shedding’ into your wine and can taste bitter. Heavier red wines will sometimes “shed” (leave a slight residue on the inside of the bottle) simply decant these wines.
  • Do not store your wine directly on a cement floor.
  • Do not store your wine on, or near things that vibrate.
  • If you are storing your wine in a cold cellar be sure to make sure it is insulated to stabilize the temperature fluctuations between the seasons.

Maintain Your Bottles

If you have ever opened a bottle of your craft wine and found it to be “off” and then open a second bottle to see if it tastes the same as the first. If the second bottle tastes fine, then you have a…“bottle maintenance” situation.

Since all of your wine came from the same ‘batch’, the wine going into your bottles is either all good or all bad.

No one wants to scrub and clean bottles 30 or even 60 at a time because there is dried wine stains, bugs and/or mold in them. When your bottle is empty never put them away dirty.

  • Rinse 3 or 4 times with hot water, remove shrink cap and label.
  • Let it stand upside down to drip dry. Don’t even leave water in the bottle it gets slimy and you can get a calcium build up over time.
  • Once dry, place upside down in an empty wine box to keep dust and dirt out.

We can guarantee you good wine… can you guarantee us good bottles?


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