Copy of Craft Winemaking

So, why make wine? Well we have a few good answers to that question.

It's great value.
You can craft winery-quality wine for a fraction of what you would spend on similar store-bought wine.

It’s fun!
You’ll meet new people, share your passion and quickly realize why this has been a popular pastime for decades.

It's Convenient.
Have a cellar full of wine for every occasion and food pairing right at your finger tips. No more last minute trips to the store!

So, why not enjoy a glass of wine from your own wine rack, not the wine store.

With our new, premium craft winemaking kits, our commitment to excellence and your spirit of adventure, you’ll love your wine every time. Guaranteed. Great wine is yours for the making at Glasses & Grapes.


Winexpert’s commitment to excellence, and dedication to delivering the highest quality products in the winemaking market, has made us the world’s foremost supplier of premium wine kits. 

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Vineco WIne

Working closely with suppliers around the world, we’re simply meticulous. Selecting only the finest grape juices and concentrates, we combine the most premium ingredients, our unique process and a pure love of the craft to deliver the very best winemaking kits around.

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RJS Craft WineMaking

At RJS, we select the highest quality grapes from the finest vineyards around the world, using the same grapes as many familiar wine brands.

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