Weddings are one of the most important days in most peoples lives and the tradition of toasting the newly married couple with a glass of wine dates back centuries.

Glasses & Grapes can assist you in choosing the perfect wines to pair with your dinner menu, your wedding style and your own personal tastes. Why not allow us to help you and possibly save a little money in the process.

Planning your wedding can be a lot of work, but choosing the wine doesn’t have to be!

Read through our FAQ below for answers to the most common questions

With so many wines to choose from Glasses & Grapes can help you select the right price level of wine to suit your budget. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you coordinate the style of wine with your dinner menu while considering your own personal tastes or simply point you to the ‘crowd pleasers’.

How much wine to make will depend on various factors, including the number of guests, whether it’s a wine-drinking crowd, the format of the reception, the time of year, time of day, and the dinner menu. As a general rule it is better to have a little more than not enough.

In addition to serving it at their reception, some couples choose to use wine as a thank you gift, have a bottle in the hotel rooms for out of town guests, and some use it for the surrounding events like showers and rehearsal dinners. You should also consider whether you want to have some left over for your own personal use.

It’s the little details that mean the most during special events. From the fold of a napkin, to the colour of the centrepieces, details are what help bring your ideas to life. At Glasses & Grapes, we understand how important the little things are. That’s why we provide our customers with custom wine labels for every special occasion batch of wine we sell. Perfect for weddings and corporate events, our custom labels are self-adhesive and easy to apply. Simply provide us with your vision, photos, and wording, and we’ll create a label that’s 100% original.

From the time your wine starts until it’s ready for you to return to bottle is anywhere from 5-8 weeks. Factor in the aging requirements for to wines you chose add an additional 2-6 months, while more time will produce a better wine in some cases, not all wine require it. If you decide you are going to make your wine for your wedding be sure to plan ahead.

A Special Occassion Permit (SOP) is required if you are planning to sell or serve alcohol at Licence Requirements A Special Occassion Permit (SOP) is required if you are planning to sell or serve alcohol at special occasions, such as weddings, charity fundraisers and receptions. An SOP is needed any time alcohol is offered for sale or served anywhere other than in a licensed establishment or a private place (for example, a private office or a residence).

Permit applications must be submitted to an LCBO SOP service store at least 30 days before the event takes place, except for Private Events which require a minimum of 10 days notice.